Mazamitla is one beautiful town and magic which is visited by meny tourists. it has a landscape relaxing it has pine trees. its famous for the cabins monte verde  the delicious food wooden art crafts. In Mazamitla you can rent motorcycles and  you can to ride a horse. you can walk on the forest and observe the waterfall.}you can visit the park sierra aventura and to enjoy the extrem sport tirolesa, to scale and camp. its a familiar place and quiet to recommend to visit.

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My problem in not I go out a lot with my friends to many places and I have  not yet found the right guy for me. I like the attention, sometimes I think Im very picky about guys, there´s only one that I like but this always happens to me. When I meet someone, he is always from somewhere else. sometimes I get desperate because I ´d like to go out with someone because I need to have a boyfriend What do you suggest?


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2 post write what you have, haven´t done this month

I haven´t done exercises because I have been sick.

I havent´t read any book this month, and  I haven´t slept very well because my father went to monterrey lonly because my grandmother died.

I have worked take children.  I have gone to a restaurant twice with my family.

Ihave been in a party with my friends.

I have gone to the shopping with my cousin.

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I lived in Ameca.

When I was studying in ameca past 2 years. I lived with my friends called Denis, kristy and Carmen we rented a house that we had a nosy neigbor that the spying was going to have that we were doing. one we thought that we had not paid the light was distressed bacause we had homework. then we realized that Mrs. we had dropped the switch from light to make evil.

Another funny thing happened to me was that my friend Carmen and I went to paint the next day we arrived and Denis and Kristy in the house waiting and when we scold. our mother and I pulled my hair. we had fun together.

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Conversation between a Doctor and patient


Hello teacher I´m Nancy—-the Homework….. 

Patient Paty: Hi, Dr. Ramirez Good Afternoon? 

Dr. Ramirez: What´s the matter? 

Patient Paty: I Have a Headache and I feel awful… 

Dr. Ramirez: check the pressure, you pression is ok, Do you have the other symptom? 

Patient Paty: no, I haven´t 

Dr. Ramirez: take some Vitamin, after breakfast only one month. 

Patient Paty: ok. 

Dr. Ramirez: Anything else? 

Patient Paty: NO, Thanks, How much? 

Dr. Ramirez: two hundred pesos of consult 

Patient Paty: all right, thanks Dr. Ramirez 

Dr. Ramirez: bye…

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The dream house is Big with 2 flour, three bedroom,, three bathroom, a kitchen, living room,dining room, three closet a yard, stairs, laundry room, garage an one swimming pool.

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My Name is Nancy I´from Tamazula city. My personality is funny, friendly,talkative and sociable I am a little thin…I like to go dancing,to walk with my dogs, and to go with my friends..

Ilike to sandals, sneakers, sunglases and favorite colors are blue, white, brown, black and yellow.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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